Let us know what you think

Let us know what you think

Love to hear from you...


Love to hear from you...

Claudia Mens | claudia@petr.com

mobile +31 6 41 367 689 | studio +31 15 887 1233

Rietveld 56 | 2611 LM Delft | The Netherlands

The company is registered in the Chamber of Commerce (Handelsregister Kamer van Koophandel), by name Buro Petr van Blokland + Claudia Mens, number 27237753 Delft.

If you have a question not answered in this website, you can send an email (claudia@petr.com) and we will respond to you as soon as we can.


Pepper+Tom is initiated by Claudia Mens, located at Rietveld 56, 2611 LM in Delft, The Netherlands.

Telephone mobile +31 6 41 367 689 or studio +31 15 887 1233

Email claudia@petr.com

Pepper+Tom would never exist without a team of dedicated people.

Petr van Blokland Typedesigner

Kirsten Langmuur Graphic designer

Liesbeth Oltmans Designer, consultant, trendwatcher

Djoeke Delnooz, Claar van Liempt (& Lucy dog : ) Models

Libby Ellis (Tom) Creative director

Sep Schaffers Text writer

Petra Dijkgraaf Tailor

Suzanne Liem Photographer

Pendleton, Boweevil, Capsicum, Ecological Textiles and Bottger Fabric suppliers

Claudia Mens (Pepper) Designer, founder Pepper+Tom

About Claudia Mens

“I am the child of the woods. We lived in a wooden house. At a dirt road. Endlessly tinker with acorns. Myself hiding under the ferns. Preferably in a sweater and pants. Wow, what a freedom, what a space. Always together with other kids.”

“Watching is a verb,” my mother would say “look at the world. Look how beautiful that portrait has been painted.” I drew notebooks. Making atmospheres and environments, little peepshows. Then crept behind my mom’s Husqvarna sewing machine and sewed a wide comfy skirt. To climb into trees.

After three decades, running a studio from 1980 till 2010, it was time for something else. Claudia went looking and longing for the woods of her childhood. She found that feeling back on Martha's Vineyard in the USA, where she began drawing with childlike pleasure and painting. Arose leafs and fern motifs, inspired by her travels in Africa, South America and Asia.

She designed a series of scarves with type and motifs of leafs, produced by NGO Kumudini Welfare Trust in Bangladesh. In 2016, she started with a lot of spirit and fun Pepper+Tom.

Besides the products of Pepper+Tom, similar to work in all of the photo's on this website, design can be made by Claudia as a special custom assignment. Ask her: claudia@petr.com

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